Find your way back to better sleep, less pain,

more energy and focus, and peace of mind & body.

Years of pre-clinical human trials
Scientific Case Studies
Harmful ingredients that didn't make the cut
percent of our ingredients that are all-natural

Non-addictive, plant based solutions rooted in nature, driven by research, and purposed to claim back our health & happiness naturally

Our why is very personal. It started when we set out to relieve the suffering of our individual family members; then our friends, then their friends. Now, our vision is to relieve the mental and physical suffering of millions of people, using all-natural, non-addictive, plant-based medicine.

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Vana Body

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Allay Body

Fast-acting Formula

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Drive Body

Energy Boost

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Rest Body

All-Natural Support

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Vana Mind

Promotes Inner Peace

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Allay Mind

All-natural Formula

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Drive Mind

Mental Clarity

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Rest Mind

All-natural Support

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Data not Magic.

Mind+Body makes data driven products supported by research, case studies, and internal human trials.

Nothing but Nature

Our formulations are packed with high-performing, all-natural ingredients so that people experience benefits in the most natural way.

Data not Magic

We specialize in highly efficient, comprehensive, and targeted formulations that are driven by research.

Completely Clean

Mind+Body's all-natural, plant-based ingredients are ethically sourced, and non-harmful.

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