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A Letter From Our CEO

I’m Jon Black, Chief Executive Officer of Mind & Body Naturals.

I want you to think back to a time when you were at your best. A time when you felt truly happy from the inside out. A time when you felt like … yourself. You didn’t have to pretend to be happy or out of pain, you just were. Have you ever wanted to go back there? To a time before, stress, anxiety, fear, sickness, betrayal, abuse, or loss? Have you ever just wanted to go back to being yourself again?

At Mind & Body Naturals, we are a mental and physical wellness company committed to helping you feel like yourself again. We started this journey, to help members of our own family who were struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and addiction. And we were committed to finding all-natural, non-addictive solutions that didn’t exist when we started, because we could plainly see, that our family members wanted to “be themselves again” more than anything in the world.

Although it took over two years of pre-clinical human trials, and well over 100 scientifically backed case studies, those family members are back to being themselves again – living full, prosperous, happy lives. And we couldn’t be happier for them!

Our vision is to help millions of people get back to being themselves again. Should you decide to take the next step on your healing journey with us, we hope you can help us accomplish that vision by sharing your story with others.

Be yourself again. Then help others do the same.


Jon Black
Mind & Body Naturals

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