Are you ready to be yourself again?

Watch this video from CEO Jon Black on why Mind + Body
is uniquely qualified to help you do just that.

The Five Differences

Vision to Help Others

That thing that gets us up in the morning, is very, very personal. It started when we set out to relieve the suffering of individual family members who were struggling with both mental and physical health challenges. When we were able to help them. our passion started to grow, and we began to help others. Now, our vision is to help relieve the mental and physical suffering of millions of people, using all-natural, non-addictive, plant-based ingredients.

An Expert Team of Visionaries

We have made careers out of surrounding ourselves with people who are much smarter than we are, and Mind and Body is no exception. We've brought together experts from Ag-tech, Science, Research and Development, and Wellness - and each one of us is passionate about helping you take the next step on your healing journey.

Powerful, Effective Ingredients

We’ve seen first-hand the negative side effects of synthetic medications on members of our own family, which is why we will only use all-natural, non-addictive ingredients in our formulations. And these ingredients not only meet the highest quality standards in our industry, they are also backed by over 100 scientific case studies showing their effectiveness on the very conditions we're attempting to alleviate! Additionally, we've already said no to over 15,000 ingredients and we'll continue to stay away from anything harmful or addictive, while scouring the globe for the science-backed, all-natural ingredients that meet our strict criteria.

Research & Development

Once an ingredient - or group of ingredients, makes it onto the Mind and Body team, we create an initial formulation, begin using the formulation in pre-clinical human trials, gather feedback from the trial group, then start the R&D process all over again, reformulating, gathering feedback, looking at the data and reformulating again and again until the product works for its intended purpose.

We've now been in pre-clinical trials for over 2 years! Yes, we are VERY SERIOUS about the effectiveness of our products, but more importantly, we believe you'll be able to feel the difference.

60 Day Money back guarantee

At Mind and Body, You can rely on our integrity. We are a product-first company, and we stand behind those products with an "Empty Bottle 60-day money back guarantee.” We encourage you to try our products, then decide if they're right for you. We're betting on our products and we're betting that you'll be yourself again soon.