Vana Mind | Stress and Anxiety Relief

The stress and anxiety of everyday life can leave us feeling burdened with a heavy weight on our shoulders. Our Vana formula is specially formulated to help you relax those tense shoulders and lift the heavy burdens of everyday life.

• Reduce Stress and Anxiety
• Boost Mood and Naturally Relax
• Balance Hormones and Promote Calmness
• Non-addictive – 100% Natural Ingredients
• Feel the natural goodness within 30 minutes

• Cannabidiol (2250 mg)
• Cannabinol (560 mg)
• Terpenes
• MCT Oil
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15 mL | 30-Day Supply


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Real People – Real Changes

“I’m 20 years old and I have a lot of anxiety. Things were getting pretty bad, like I didn’t come out of my room a lot so I was desperate. So I started taking Vana Mind 3 times per day and for the first 9 days, I didn’t feel anything. But on the 10th day I felt like the cloud was lifted and I was myself again! It was weird because my anxiety was just gone! This is the most unexpected blessing ever! I just want to continue to feel like this forever!”

Savanah F.

“I've struggled with treatment resistant depression and anxiety my whole life. It's gotten to be really bad the last ten years or so, and I have tried over 20 different medications and I haven't been able to find any relief. I’ve had CBD before from other companies and not found it helpful at all, so you can imagine my surprise when Vana Mind worked. I take it probably three times a day, if not more, just depending on the day. I really am blown away that I found something that works.”

Alicia R.

I've been using Vana Mind for about four to five months now and it has completely changed so many different things in my life from socially to work, to personal relationships. In all cases, I feel like there was an extra level of stress and anxiety and my brain would be full of racing thoughts that I couldn't focus. But now whenever I feel myself going to a bad place, I take a few drops and I’m back. Definitely feel like myself again taking this product.


``“As a teenager in the world of social media, I have a lot of anxiety. I have been using Vana Mind for about three weeks and I feel like it’s changing everything. One of the things I’ve noticed other than I’m out of my room more, is that I’ve been kinder to members of my family and I just feel happier.”

brooke-cagle-k9XZPpPHDho-unsplash-modified (1)
Brooke B.

“I started taking Vana Mind and I take four drops twice a day. And within days of taking that product, I found that I was not waking up in the mornings with that tight chest and sick feeling, and my thoughts and mind were clearer throughout the day, and I was able to be more efficient and effective taking this product. And I'm very grateful for the product. It has improved my quality of life, taking my stress and anxiety down drastically.”

Review _16
Scott S.

Nothing But Nature – Ingredients That Matter

We believe nature holds the answer to many of today’s physical and mental ailments. That’s why each of our ingredients are ethically-sourced harvested straight from nature to ensure . No synthetics or artificial elements are ever used.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most common cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. While discovered around 1940, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the benefits of this ingredient really began to be deeply researched, when it was found that CBD was a treatment for epilepsy. Since then, there has been a push to produce CBD dominant strains of the Cannabis sativa plant, often times referred to as hemp, for the natural healing effects of the plant. As research has shifted to hemp, new studies are published frequently discussing CBD’s potential for use as a analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antihyperglycemic, antispasmodic, anxiolytic, anti-insomnia, and a neuroprotective just to name a few.

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBN was first discovered in the late 1800’s, becoming the first cannabinoid ever isolated from the plant. While research on this compound dates back to the 1930’s and 1940’s, only recently has its medicinal benefits truly come to light. Most sources only note of CBN’s ability to improve sleep quality, but recent studies show a host of potential benefits ranging from pain, itch and inflammatory relief to treatment of ocular disease with some sources even noting potential neuroprotective properties.

MCT Oil (from Coconut Oil)

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT oil) are fatty acids sourced from many different foods, with coconut oil being the primary source. MCT Oil is our carrier oil of choice because research has shown that it helps the body absorb ingredients better and faster in comparison to other oils, and up to 3x more than cannabinoids in powder form. Studies also show MCT oil to prevent lactic acid buildup, promote heart health, and can be a great source for energy.

Natural Results – Built on Science

We specialize in highly efficient, comprehensive, and targeted formulations that are driven by research. Our all-natural, plant-based ingredients are ethically sourced, and non-addictive.

Study Spotlight 1

An important study completed in 2004, looked at how cannabinoids move through the the human body. Researchers discuss what is referred to as the endocannabinoid system, our internal system for moving cannabinoids, and how cannabinoids might play a role in creating products that target ailments. Researchers reported that the endocannabinoid system is important for: neuronal development, neuronal plasticity, food intake and energy balance, perception process, immune modulation, cell apoptosis, cardiovascular and reproductive functions.

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Study Spotlight 2

Researchers in 2015 completed a research review looking into the benefits that CBD could provide. The researchers found that “existing preclinical evidence strongly supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely.” Researchers note that more research should be completed on CBD in order to help in these primary areas.

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Study Spotlight 3

In 2020, researchers in London looked at the effects that cannabidiol had on the cortisol levels (stress) of two groups, those that were normal and healthy, and those that were classified as high risk for psychosis. The researchers found that cannabidiol greatly reduced the cortisol levels of those tested. They concluded that this could provide therapeutic and should be studied more to develop cortisol targeting products.

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Study Spotlight 4

With cannabinoids being primarily oil-soluble, it was important for us to find the best way for our customers to get the most out of our products. Researchers in 2016 hypothesized that since cannabinoids are lipids, they might be able to give the body better access to these ingredients by mixing them with oils. There testing determined that cannabinoids mixed with oils are absorbed 3 times more compared to lipid-free methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vana Mind contains 15 mL with our proprietary “Bliss Formula.” This formula contains a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and all-natural terpenes.

Place 2-4 drops under your tongue, and swallow, two-three times daily and see stress sink right out of your mind. The dosage of Vana Mind should be adjusted according to your body’s needs, either increasing or decreasing as necessary.

Most individuals feel the effects of Vana Mind in 30-60 mins. Listen to your body when you want to increase dosage.


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Vana Mind

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2 years of preclinical trials

Over 100 journal published studies referenced

No fillers, binders, fragrances, or adulterants

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How to Use – Maximize your day

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Start Slow

The dosage of Vana Mind should be adjusted according to your body’s needs, either increasing or decreasing as necessary.

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Place 2-4 drops under your tongue waiting at least 60 seconds and swallow. Do this two-three times daily.

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Stick With It

Continue using for at least 30 days and be consistent with the recommended dosage while adjusting as needed. Within a short period of time you’ll feel the positive changes as your body adjusts.