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By using non-addictive, plant-based solutions we’ve won over the hearts of Customers and Influencers all across the nation!


What is it about our products that creates
so much passion?

Mental focus and clarity throughout the day

“I’ve been taking Drive Mind for about a week now and I’ve been more focused, I don’t have to try to remember names or places, I’m able to discuss things without hesitation and I’ve been on my game when I’ve had to present at work. Everything in my mind is more clear and less cluttered.”

Michael G.

Able to shut my mind off and sleep

“I take Rest Mind every night before going to bed and it helps me shut my mind off so I can go to sleep. I wake up rested and happy and it’s a lot easier for me to get out of bed in the morning.”

Ella V.

Helps me sleep with my RLS

“Rest Body has worked well for my RLS at night. One night last week, I forgot to take it one hour before bedtime, and as the night wore on, it became really obvious that I had forgotten to take it! Took some about 11pm and ended up sleeping great that night.”

Rick P.

The clouds have lifted and I can be myself again

“I’m 20 years old and I have a lot of anxiety. Things were getting pretty bad, like I didn’t come out of my room a lot so I was desperate. So I started taking Vana Mind 3 times per day and for the first 9 days, I didn’t feel anything. But on the 10th day I felt like the cloud was lifted and I was myself again! It was weird because my anxiety was just gone! This is the most unexpected blessing ever! I just want to continue to feel like this forever!”

Savanah F.

I can sleep peacefully again

“Trying to sleep with my husband is like trying to sleep with someone on an exercise bike throughout the night. It’s impossible. But I sincerely want to thank Mind and Body Naturals for making Rest Body, because it’s a game changer! My husband and I are sleeping in the same room again, and his RLS is almost completely gone. Thank you so much!”

Debbie P.

Helped with my treatment resistant depression

“I've struggled with treatment resistant depression and anxiety my whole life. It's gotten to be really bad the last ten years or so, and I have tried over 20 different medications and I haven't been able to find any relief. I’ve had CBD before from other companies and not found it helpful at all, so you can imagine my surprise when Vana Mind worked. I take it probably three times a day, if not more, just depending on the day. I really am blown away that I found something that works.”

Alicia L.

Feeling good with no pain

“I feel amazing with Allay Body. I took it 6 hours ago and I still don’t have pain and feel good.”

Edward S.

Lightens my mood

“I really like Vana Body. Three capsules is too much for me, but two is just right. I just feel like it lightens my mood and I just feel happy.”

Jenn V.

Helps with my RLS

“I have been taking Rest Body mid-morning and late afternoon because I have Restless Legs throughout the day. I usually take my RLS medication 3 times per day, but now I’m only taking it 1 or 2 times per week!”

Sam P.

Falling asleep and staying asleep

“After taking Rest Body, I am falling asleep faster and staying asleep until the alarm goes off, which is not normal for me at all! Usually, my wiggly legs wake me up at several times per night, so I am beyond excited about my new normal sleep now. Thank you so much!”

Katie S.

Restful sleep at last

“I have been taking Rest Mind to help me sleep and I sleep deeper without feeling drugged, I don’t wake up all night long and I awake feeling rested. I think this product is great!”

Steve M.

Deep sleep without the grogginess

“My husband and I both love Rest Mind! It doesn’t make me feel groggy and I sleep deep. I don’t use it for my RLS, but the nights I take it, I only have to take half of my RLS meds.”

Brenda M.

Relieve while still being productive

“I have pretty severe neuropathy and the only thing I’ve found that works – while still allowing me to be productive at work, is Allay Body. I take it 2-3 times per day, and I don’t know what I would do without it. Nothing else works like it does.”

Doug S.

Throwing away the pain meds

“After my knee surgery, I took Allay Body for four weeks and it totally alleviated my pain. It was amazing and I was so grateful I had it that I threw away my pain meds! But more importantly, after six weeks I didn’t have any pain anymore, so I just stopped taking it and it was no big deal. No cravings, no addiction, nothing. It just worked when I needed it and when I didn't need it anymore, I was done. Wonderful!”

Shellie B.

Pain relief without the side effects

“I recently had shoulder surgery and I can honestly say that Allay Body relieves more pain – without the druggy side effects, than the pain meds they gave me at the hospital. I am amazed that this is an all-natural alternative that works so well.”

Grace L.

No more prescriptions for me

“After I broke my back, I was determined to find something other than opioids to manage my pain and I am so happy I did! I am surprised to report that Allay Body alleviates my pain, without any adverse side effects! I’ve been a nurse for 20 years now and I never thought I would see a day where pain was able to be managed by anything other than traditional pain meds! Thank you. I am very grateful.”

Jamie S.

A way to get through the hard times

“I just went through a nasty divorce and life is tough right now. My neighbor saw what I was going through and introduced me to Vana Body. She said it would make my trials a little easier. After I took it I thought, Why am I walking around the house giggling and happy when my life is crap!? Honestly, it is really helping me a LOT!”

Julie C.

I feel peaceful inside

“I took Vana Body the other day and I remember thinking, “Wow, this stuff really works! I am SO happy!” I don’t know how to describe it, I just feel peaceful inside. Like, closer to nature with less stress.”

Shirley L.

A true game changer

“Vana Body has been a game changer for me. I have a very high stress job as an executive assistant to two senior executives in a big company and it is extremely demanding. Vana Body keeps me calm in the middle of the storms at work, while still allowing me to be motivated and focused throughout the day. I’m getting more done and I’m doing it with a better attitude.”

Kirsten T.

I now have the energy to be a better mom

“I’ve been taking Drive Body and I just love it! I am a better mom because I have more energy to handle my kids and I feel good because it’s safe and natural for me to take.”

Jessica R.

Helped with my ADHD

“I used to have to take 3 Adderall’s per day for my ADHD and now that I take Drive Body, I only have to take 1 Adderall per day. Natural is better and I really like the motivation and focus it gives me.”

Ty S.

Motivation and focus when I need it

“I have been diagnosed with ADHD and when I got pregnant, I had to go off of Adderall and even though it gives me a lot of side effects, I was really worried about that. But I started taking Drive Body, and it gives me motivation and focus – like Adderall, but without the jitters or the crash. I am stoked to have something natural to take and it’s helped me a lot.”

Hailey S.

Experiencing the world more

“As a teenager in the world of social media, I have a lot of anxiety. I have been using Vana Mind for about three weeks and I feel like it’s changing everything. One of the things I’ve noticed other than I’m out of my room more, is that I’ve been kinder to members of my family and I just feel happier.”

Brook B.

Finally able to play volleyball again

“I’ve been playing volleyball for most of my life, but at 51 years old, it’s taking a toll! After playing with my son’s team for four hours, my elbow was throbbing. So, I took Allay Mind, and literally within a matter of minutes, the throbbing stopped. I could still feel a little pain when I would move my elbow, but it was way on a much lesser scale, so I was pretty amazed it worked so quickly.”

Steve V.

Happy and Productive

“I took Drive Body this morning and I feel so happy and productive right now I can’t believe it! And I don’t feel jittery at all! Yesterday I took it at 2pm and still slept well. But I do like to take it in the morning because of how it effects my day. It helps me to feel so capable and productive!”

Rachel W.

Helped relieve my migraine for the first time

“I had a terrible migraine that usually leads to throwing up and basically suffering in a dark room for hours. But I tried Allay Mind for the first time, and my migraine went from being debilitating, to a normal headache that eventually went away by itself. This was the first time I was able to reverse a migraine once it started.”

Brooke B.

Takes away my headaches within 20 minutes

“I had a really bad headache and was surprised that within 20 minutes of taking Allay Mind, it was completely gone! That’s extremely unusual for me, so yeah, I’m a believer.”

Dennis M.

Able to finally shut my mind off at night

“I get up three or four times at night and drink some water and try to go back to sleep and my mind just doesn't shut off. And then I was introduced to Rest Mind and the first night I took the drops, I didn't wake up till seven in the morning and I proceeded to take a few more drops of it just to see if I could sleep until eight or nine even. And I did and I thought, marvelous!”

Mary Jane F.

A happier and kinder person when I have Vana Body in my life

“I am just happier when I’m taking Vana Body. I feel good, I feel peaceful and I definitely feel more grateful when I am taking this product. I’m not sure how it works, but literally from the inside out, I am a happier, kinder person when I make it part of my daily routine.”

Ann H.

Help with my stress and relationships

“I've been using Vana Mind for about four to five months now and it has completely changed so many different things in my life from socially to work, to personal relationships. In all cases, I feel like there was an extra level of stress and anxiety and my brain would be full of racing thoughts that I couldn't focus. But now whenever I feel myself going to a bad place, I take a few drops and I’m back. Definitely feel like myself again taking this product.”


Bring my stress and anxiety down drastically

“I started taking Vana Mind and I take four drops twice a day. And within days of taking that product, I found that I was not waking up in the mornings with that tight chest and sick feeling, and my thoughts and mind were clearer throughout the day, and I was able to be more efficient and effective taking this product. And I'm very grateful for the product. It has improved my quality of life, taking my stress and anxiety down drastically.”

Scott S.

Finally, a restful nights sleep

“I started taking Rest Mind because I have a hard time sleeping through the night. I don't have a hard time falling asleep, but every morning about 3AM, I wake up and then I can’t get back to sleep. Now, I still wake up during the night, but after taking a couple more drops right when I wake up, I’m able to go right back to sleep easily and I don't feel groggy in the morning.”

Shellie B.

Product lead to a better quality of life

“During Covid I started struggling to keep a positive attitude and working from home nearly every day, not seeing my 93-year-old mom in another state, living by herself, going online and reading the news every day, really started wearing on me. And I really thought for the first time in my life that maybe I was depressed. But a few months ago, my neighbor recommended a product called Allay Mind. I've tried other CBDs in the past, and I couldn't say that they really helped at all, so I wasn’t optimistic. But I can honestly say that this stuff works. The anxiety was crippling me, and now it allows me to do things that improve the quality of my life mentally, which leads to better quality of life physically. It truly has changed my life.”

Robbie O.
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